Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tsum Tsums and Pop Figures


It's been a while... 


where does the time go?

While I've been away,
 I've been collecting cute things....
Some I've purchased, and some were gifts.

I am in love with Disney's Tsum Tsums!!

Also I have been collecting Pop figures from my favorite books/movies.
LOTS of cute things, so many to LOVE!

 My shelves have been paying an awful price.

My display did not do these figures justice.
Since they are all about the same height,
that meant I needed to create.... 

We love to go out to antique shops and little boutiques;
where I see how cool their displays are and so of course, inspiration struck......

I bought some Styrofoam and this gadget..... it's called the "STYRO CUTTER Plus" 

WELL.... I bought 2 of them.
They BOTH broke!!!!

BUT if they had not broken I would be telling you how you should buy one because while they worked they did a great job!

I am going to return the second one because the welding at the top snapped... I'll see how that goes maybe 3rd time will be the charm.

Anyway my knife helped me finish the project. Only the table suffered a minor injury.  Greg says our table has character from all of us damaging it.

I started simple...

My first set of stands were just low colored bases.

I cut down the Styrofoam to the shapes I liked.

I used "Felt and Foam Tacky Glue" to keep my pieces together.

Then the fun part.... I painted everything. 
All the bases were painted with Acrylic paint.
Here you go... take a look....  

Robin Hood has little feet so his big head throws him off balance. 
He's got a back rest on his stand to help support him.

I knew I wanted Harry and his friends on the highest levels so I built that up next.

It seems like I will be able to easily add extra platforms to make them raise them up, if I decide to do that a later time.

Hermione and Dobby have little feet too.
Their bases help support them and keep them standing.

Next I built up the base for 
Ludo, Sara and the Worm! 

  If you haven't seen the Labyrinth you should.
Especially if you ever had a fondness for 
the Muppets or puppets.

Sara also has little feet and she 
fell over all the time. 
Her base keeps her very stable now.

This is also intended for a higher level.

I'm not a fan of the Suicide Squad 
version on Harley Quinn. 

However I've loved her character, 
and her original design, since the cool 
Batman cartoons were on!

I matched her stand to her costume.

This figure is very stable. 
She's at a mid level height.

One of my newest little loves is Louise Belcher. 
You should watch Bob's Burger! It's great!

This cool Pop figure shows Louise holding her 
Kuchi Kopi night light. 

I also would Love to own a Kuchi Kopi,
Etsy has replicas but hopefully 
they will make these for fans soon.

Louise ALWAYS fell over 
so her base had to keep her sturdy.

Of course it had to be the Burger!!

And here he is...

What more can I say?

I've loved him for so long.

He deserved the moon!

All in all..

I am very pleased with how this project turned out.

I love being able to SEE them all.
I should have taken a BEFORE and After
photo of the two shelves that held these.
It was pure CHAOS!

This should make dusting much easier.
My next plan is to add lighting to this.

It also looks like I can add a few more characters!!

Thank you for reading!

Hope to post again soon.
It is the holiday season though 
so we will see about that fast flying time.

Wishing you a blessed Holiday Season.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Custom Painted Ninja Turtle Shoes

Sophia has outgrown and worn out her play shoes!
They definitely show how much she's played in them....

So it was time for some NEW play shoes....
She LOVES the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so here are her new shoes....

I made them to wear with her Halloween costume but she's already worn them to school.
She couldn't wait. I was really happy to see her so excited about them.

Also Hailey wanted some shoes too! 
Here are Hailey's shoes.....

I hope you guys liked these shoes!
Thank you for reading. I can't wait to post the Halloween photos!!!

enjoy your day ~jessie

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hocus Pocus

It's that time of year...
when the leaves change color and fall from the trees.... 
and the temperature starts to drop and cool off......


I've been busy with Halloween costumes but I did have time for a few side projects.
For my Auntie's birthday I decided to make her a gift.
She loves Halloween and she loves the movie Hocus Pocus.....

If you haven't seen it you should.
Well the Witches have a spell book.......
and now so does my Auntie!!!

Here it is....

I purchased a blank journal from Barnes and Noble.
Using a paper bag, paint, modge podge, clay, and a LOT of time.....
I was able to make her, her very own book!

 My favorite part was painting the eye ball! 

Also, I decided to make Sophia another painted shirt. 
She LOVES the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
So now she has her own custom shirt!

If you're interested in trying this project you can read my CUSTOM T-SHIRT TUTORIAL
You should read the tutorial anyway because my daughter is SUPER little in the photo!! 

Here is a photo of another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt that I made as a gift for Jordy.
These Ninja Turtles have made a hell of a comeback! 

I hope you're all ready for Halloween and I can't wait to post photos of the kids in their costumes!!! 
Wishing you the best! ~jessie

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A snug place to sleep!

Hello everyone!!!
My cousin Denise has started her own blog!
It's called Cooking with Kids!
Here's the link! Check it out! http://independentkids.blogspot.com/


Sophia and I have been living with Greg, Hailey and Jadyn for a year and a half now and they have made  us feel very welcome, and we now feel very much at home. We are very blessed to have our own spaces in our new home and I've tried to make Sophie's bed feel comfortable to her. Here's a peak at her bed. 

Hailey's bed had blankets as curtains and it worked great. She had her own tented area and Goose loved that! Greg and Hailey let me put up curtains on Sophie's bed. My dad helped me figure out how to support and install the curtain rods. We did that a while back but Jadyn felt left out. 

I promised him months ago that we would put up curtains for him too but time, and funds... well you know life... we had to wait (and Jadyn was patient) but we FINALLY got around to it! Greg cut the frame and installed in on Jadyn's bed so that I could hang his curtains!

Here is Jadyn's bed!
Awesome right?  Jadyn picked out the fabric all by himself! 
Yeah he's even got a bottom bunk for a play area so with the scrap fabric I was able to make curtains for that too!

AND...... since he got a new look Hailey and Goose got new fabric for new curtains too!

Here is the girls' bed.

That's Hello Kitty for my Goose and little piggies for Miss Hailey!

Also for Hailey I embroidered her a pillow case!

I've been busy busy busy!!! 

Oh yeah I made some shorts too!
Well thank you for reading!
I'll post as soon as I have time!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My 4 year old!

My Goose is 4 years old now!

Time never went so quickly before I was a mother......
now it just speeds by.....

For her birthday this year she requested a Dora party! 

I am so thankful for all the help I had. Goyo cooked all the food for me, Aunties brought over salads and beans and Shelley made a fruit salad!

We made cupcakes and the girls helped me decorate them.....

She loves Dora!
She got her own smash cake too!

Of course..... if you know my baby.....
she LOVES to dress up and be a girl so......

I made her a skirt and I painted her a shirt.....

She was SO FANCY!!!
We had such a good time and she was such a good girl.
I'm very blessed to be her mother.

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to celebrate with us.
We greatly appreciate your company!

I love you, I love you, I love you!


Saturday, January 5, 2013


Here are Goose's shoes!!!!

She requested fish and bird shoes.....

She is always singing and I love to read to her.....

grow grow grow.....


here are my shoes!!!

Because I love the sun....


These are lines from Goose's lullabies....


and..... MICKEY!!! .....

I used fabric markers and hit them with some Scotch Guard.

Thank you for stopping by!


Welcome New Year....

It's a new year and I decided to update my blog!
WOW I didn't blog at ALL last year.
It seems weird to make a "resolution" to blog more....
So it won't be a resolution............
 but I hope to be able to find more time to blog more this year.

In any case I didn't sit idle all year.
I made quite a few little projects here and there.

Here are some of them..........
Not in any particular order.....
since I haven't been keeping up "neatly" with my online photo albums either.

These are some T-shirts I painted.
I did these using the same method as I used in my Custom T-shirt tutorial.

Here is a Fanboy Chum Chum T-Shirt.
She really dug this one!

here's the Lorax.....

Then we have Mickey!

When I work I wear an apron so I'm pretty used to the convenience of the pockets and the awesome ability to wipe your hands on what you're wearing! Around the house I hardly ever wear anything with pockets so I decided I needed an apron to solve that issue and here it is.....

The top panel lifts so that you can use it to wipe of your dirty paws and the bottom panel has POCKETS!!!

Here is Goose's Halloween Costume!
This came out awesome.
Very proud of it.
No pattern.....

She wanted to be a girly pumpkin! 

I crocheted some beanies for Goose and I......

Goose and Goose's lamb got a beanie too!

I made some shoes for Goose and I also.

Thank you for stopping by!
Sophie's birthday is tomorrow I'm so excited!!!!